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Hi folks,

I have a CentOS 6 NFS server, which dirves me crazy.

The directory I try to export cant be accessed by different clients.

I tried a CentOS 7, CentOS 6 and a pool of vmware esxi 5.5 systems.

At the client side I get errors like:

mount.nfs: Stale file handle

or Sysinfo set operation VSI_MODULE_NODE_mount failed with the tatus Unable to query remote mount point‘s attributes.

On the server I get messages in the log like

svc:, port=851: unknown version (0 for prog 100003, nfsd)

rpc.mountd[1927]: authenticated mount request from ….

The curious thing is, that other directories exported on the same filesysten can be exported.

so /home/stuff works /home/students fails. chmode 777 is set,
/etc/exports is double checked. nfs/rpc/etc is up and running. selinux &
firewall for debugging off.

I use xfs on all shared filesystems.

Googling for VMWARE and native NFS suggestions did not help so far :-/

Any hint or suggestion is very very welcome! Regard & thanks . Götz

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