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I’m trying to install CentOS 6.4 on my server A (which has 512 MB ram and no cdrom) by PXE. I exported installation treeCentOS-6.4-i386-bin-DVD1.iso’ via http on server ‘Z’, all according to CentOS howto (copied vmlinuz, pxelinux.cfg, initrd.img , started TFTPd+dhcpd services)
Boot process is OK (in text mode! I think it’s a memory problem); it’s required keyboard type, time zone, network parameters, disk partitions, … but no installation type is required (basic, minimal, server, …) and no packages selection ! Installation goes on installing the packages but without choosing them!
I’d like to choose type of installation and the details of packages, any options as I used directly installation dvdrom1. I don’t want to use kickstart file !

My ‘pxelinux.cfg/default’ file:

timeout 9000
default menu.c32
menu title ########## PXE Boot Menu ##########
label 1
menu label ^1) Install CentOS 6
kernel CentOS64/vmlinuz
append initrd

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  • You need more than 512 MB of RAM to do a graphic installation, I’ve forgotten the exact requirement.

    As for text install, RedHat has crippled it–you cannot choose packages or disk layout. Apparently Anaconda developers decided to focus upon the graphic install, and so, the only way to customize a text based install is to use a kickstart file.

    So, your options are to increase the RAM so you can get a GUI installation, use a kickstart file, or use an operating system where the developers still think like system administrators rather than smart phone users. (Yeah, I
    know that’s unfair and FUD, but it is aggravating for something that is supposed to be a server O/S.)

  • Now I upgraded ram to 1 GB.

    Now I see that client try to get … /CentOS6/images/product.img +
    /CentOS6/images/updates.img but these files are missing in /images/ of ‘CentOS-6.4-i386-bin-DVD1.iso’

    [divx] Could not init font path element catalogue:/etc/X11/fontpath.d, removing from list!

    … Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server Xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default

    I tried to append ‘vga=771’ to this line:

    append initrd=CentOS64/initrd.img repo=http://a.y.z.a.5/CentOS6
    devfs=nomount ramdisk_size=352000 vga=771

    but nothing!

    With vga=773 nothing!

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  • I upgraded ram to 1 GB but now I obtained this message:

    Xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default

    No other messages…

    It’s resolution problem ?!

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