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In the packages section of my kickstart I have:


and I am still getting avahi and all of its rpms installed. I don’t want avahi on my servers, how do I specify in a kickstart to NOT install it?

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  • The list is too long. It includes firstboot! Easier just to disable it after install as I have been doing. Just thought I could prevent it from installing in the first place. I can put a %post in to turn it off at least.

  • yes, that was my conclusion too. If you run a CentOS desktop (like I
    do), it simply wants to remove the whole gnome ;-).

    So we have cfengine stop the avahi-daemon service plus if the avahi-daemon process is running for whatever reason it gets stopped.

  • Looks a bit too much to take on at this point. But I will put a link in my notes for future study. Thanks.

  • Along with disabling the avahi service in my kickstart files, I also add “NOZEROCONF=yes” to /etc/sysconfig/network. That way the service does not start and the 169.254.x.x IP doesn’t get added to the interface.

    It’s not hard to do after the fact, but putting simple things like that in a kickstart file prevents one from doing all the mundane, mind numbing sys admin tasks. :)