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I rebooted a old CentOS 5 box and now its stuck in an ever increasing timeout loop;

nss_ldap: reconnecting tl LDAP server (sleeping # seconds)….

This happens before network services starts.

Any one know how I can break out of this?

I tried booting in single user mode from the grub menu but no dice, the thing keeps nss_ldap looping.

Thanks in advance,

– aurf

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  • Am 28.11.2013 04:38, schrieb aurfalien:

    Either wait long enough at a normal boot process or add “confirm” to the kernel line at grub while booting and skip the ldap service to start.

    I guess it is an unpatched old box and the issue has already been solved by an update.


  • It sounds like an old bug where, if there wasn’t an LDAP server available, it would still keep looking for one. Amusingly, it didn’t even have to be the LDAP server used for authentication, it just wanted to know that there was an LDAP server around. I don’t know if RH ever fixed it.

    If the system has an /etc/ldap.conf see if there’s a line, probably commented, bind_policy. If it’s set to hard, uncomment it and set it to soft. If I remember correctly, it would eventually give up and boot–if not, you can try accessing it and editing the file (assuming that is the problem) with some sort of live or rescue CD.