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Expect minimal help when running custom kernel modules on painfully old CentOS


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  • I googled this issue and found so many people have encountered, but most of them just said “the newer kernel doesn’t have this problem, so upgrade kernel”. We can’t upgrade kernel easily, so we need to *really*
    solve this problem.

  • No, you really need to rebase your work on current CentOS as you’re so far behind on critical security issues it’s just not funny. It also mitigates any ability for someone to actually help and for any fix to reach you.

  • If you can’t update the kernel then how can anyone fix the problem?
    The kernel needs to be changed out in some way. [Yes there are ways to binary patch a running kernel but it is a) frought with danger b)
    experts only area. People who do that do not offer their services for free for a reason.]

  • To be as abundantly clear as possible on the matter … it is not just kernel.

    You need to do a full update against the CentOS 6 repositories.