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I am currently running not only Geany (on CentOS and on Windows) but also Gedit on CentOS, much of the use is as markdown-editors being a recent convert to this language. I would, however, also like to be able to essentially use it as an outliner – remember the old DOS outliners that were great for creating document outlines?

It would have been perfect had I been able to fold and unfold sections of whatever markdown document I am working on in Geany or Gedit but sadly that does not seem possible… Nor have I been able to find a plugin for Gedit or Geany that would add that functionality.

I do not want to have to use LibreOffice or something similar, it’s too heavy and cumbersome.

Hoping that someone can steer me to a solution!Thank you.

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  • Thank you. Ideally, however, I would like to continue using Geany or gedit. I have found a “gnome outliner” on the ‘net but that seems not have been updated for a very long time…

  • I can now add that I have found a plugin for gedit that does code folding based on indentation. However, it does not fold when a heading is followed by text or bullets – and therefore not indented compared to the level above. Ideally folding should be lexer-driven.