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We have a Single box running Ovirt + CentOS7. The Engine, VDSM Host and the Storage is all on the Single box, which contains 2 * RAID1 arrays.

We are looking to purchase a second box, and I’m wondering if someone can please help me to understand of how best to migrate to a HA
environment using both boxes. We do have some additional NFS storage on the network that we can temporarily move VMs to.

Is it possible to migrate our current Ovirt setup to be HA using Gluster, or would we need to start again by exporting all VMs, wipe box one and reinstall CentOS & Ovirt, then install CentOS and Ovirt on box two.

I’d like to move the Engine to be hosted in a VM as well. Can we do HA without Gluster? Pros/Cons….


Andrew Dent

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