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I figured this needed it’s own thread, so apologies for spamming the list.

Along with the /usr/share/perl5 issues (which I did kinda fix with a manual copy of the directory from another box), we’re having an issue with SystemD (go figure) stopping the radiator service, but failing to unbind the ports (1645/1646). It’s complaining about ‘killproc’ not found.

Is there a package that’s in? Or how do I get this to work with SystemD
properly? We can’t have this thing jacked up like this.

Any ideas?

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  • killproc() is a shell function defined in /etc/init.d/functions and that is provided by the package “initscripts”. The “functions” file is in effect a library of scripts used by the sysv init scripts and it is sourced at the top of every file in /etc/init.d


  • Once upon a time, Mark Haney said:

    Unless you’ve converted it, an old service is probably still using the SysV init-script mode of startup/management. In that case, systemd does not bind any ports (because there’s no config for that). Are you sure it is actually shutting the service down?

    If systemd is binding the ports, then there’s a systemd unit file somewhere (under /usr/lib/systemd/system or /etc/systemd/system)
    specifying that.