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Wondering if anyone here has been able to get the (3-rd party) SIPE
plugin (pidgin-sipe) working on CentOS-6 with the C6 version of pidgin?

I’ve just started looking at it and after a little messing around have no joy. Before I waste more time on it I thought I’d ask.

what I’ve done so far:
–download the latest binary from the Suse build service, allegedly one built for EL-5. installs (along with libpurple-sipe) without errors, but when I
attempt to create a new account for SIPE there is no listing of it in the list of protocols in the “add user” dialog.
–figuring I had the wrong version (since the pidgin in C6 is now rather old) I downloaded the source and built it, again with no errors. but having installed it, I get the same symptom.

I’d appreciate any helpful hints.


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