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Does anyone have any experience with installing CentOS 6 (specfically,
6.8), on a Dell T7910? I’ve tried at least a dozen installs, everything gets configured, and when I have the system reboot, I get ‘No boot device found press any key to reboot the machine’. In BIOS, I’ve enabled AHCI, Legacy boot and modes, and enabled the SAS controller. The disks are seen and written to. It uses a MPT SAS3 RAID controller, and I’ve even specified a ‘diskdrive’ statement pointing to the known drivers for the controller, and still nothing. This system is listed as compatible, but I don’t know. Any suggestions or help appreciated..

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  • Hello,

    How is the RAID configured?

    Are you using single disk or configured multiple in RAID?

    Did you try to install CentOS 7.3 to verify if you’d get the same issue?

    Try to boot the CentOS Live and check how is/are the disk(s) presented.