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Are there tools or utilities to understand about the reason behind high load on CentOS Linux.
Please help me understand with examples.


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  • On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 11:07 AM, Kaushal Shriyan

    How did you know there is a high load in the first place?

  • The load average has relationship with I/O.

    If you have RAID system, check what the status says you. You might be on
    a degraded RAID (broken, rebuilding,…) eating much disk I/O.

  • Hi Kaushal,

    in addition to the solution provider by Mihamina to monitor the load
    average on your server, “htop” on CentOS can be more clear for you to read
    the output as well.

    install rpmforge repo

    yum insall htop, type htop when done. look ay load average figure. then
    find out the cause.

    Thanks / Regards

  • Not necessarily.
    I would define load as the number of processes who are waiting to get
    cpu time.

    While a process is waiting for cpu there are 2 cases:
    a) the cpu is blocked waiting for a I/O operation to finish
    b) the cpu is calculating for another process