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Off topic, since it is a RH question, but I’m hoping someone here can point me to the right place to pursue this:

We need an official RH build of nginx that contains the lua module(s), but the nginx builds in the rh scl repository do not.

So, I’m looking for how to make an appropriate contact to inquire if RH could add lua to their current nginx build for the software collections

I haven’t a clue how to approach this, so any guidance would be great!

thanks in advance!

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  • If you need an official lua build then you already have an official Red Hat subscription of some sort. Going through that would be the best avenue as trying through the general CentOS mailing list would not be useful. Also bringing it up on the software collections mailing lists might be a better avenue. Adding support in packages is never
    ‘free’ in the sense that it adds more qa tests, more code paths and possibly problems with existing functionality. This means that it takes time and will be a while. If you need it sooner you are better at doing it yourself.