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My installation of clamav is hosed up. It won’t start due to a malformed database.

I ran freshclam and updated the database but still have the problem.

I was going to uninstall clamav but there are other app dependencies. Virtualmin is one.

How can I do an uninstall/re-install without hosing more stuff up?

I have found some examples, –nodeps, –replacepkgs and -replacefiles

Also, what is the rpm command that will tell me all packages named clam*. Haven’t used it in a while and have forgotten. I tried rpm -q “clam*” but that didn’t work.


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  • Don’t use ‘rpm’. Do a ‘yum reinstall packagename1 packagename2’ to have yum download and reinstall the packages. Doing it with rpm is possible but you need to be VERY careful and yum does all of it for you.

    rpm -qa clam\*


    rpm -qa ‘clam*’

    (you want to avoid shell expansions)