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I want to set up dovecot on a CentOS server. I did this before, some time ago, but it seems to have become much more complicated, involving postfix, amavisd-new and clamav (for spamassassin).

What puzzles me is the role, if any, of procmail and .procmailrc in this new system. Is procmail no longer used/needed?

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  • you need some form of message transport, whether its postfix or sendmail is up to you. AV stuff is strictly optional.

    procmail can be used as the delivery agent if you so want. if you do use it, then you can configure it with .procmailrc scripts on a per account basis to do all the usual procmail things. if you’re using postfix as the MTA, then you can use its built in ‘local’ delivery agent, or that can be configured to use procmail if you prefer.

  • John R Pierce wrote:

    Thanks. I was being a bit silly, mixing up the configuration of dovecot + postfix with setting up spamassassin. I have two CentOS-6.4 servers, in different places. One has been running dovecot + sendmail since CentOS-5, and the upgrade to CentOS-6 did not affect this. The other server has never run dovecot until now, and I had not realized that sendmail had been replaced by postfix as the default MTA. It seems to work fine.