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I haven’t gone past 38, because when the 45 update came out, and video… like, say, my *required* training from work, when I tried to run it, it crashed firefox. Repeatedly. 100% of the time.

Has anyone been using the current version had trouble with video, etc? I’d like to update, but not if I can’t do required training….


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  • I would assume you’ve got an old version of ffmpeg installed on your system,
    *and* that you’ve updated to 45 but not the latest version available.

    Is that the case?


  • John Hodrien wrote:

    Just did some looking, and I see my (C6) mplayer is current, but ffmpeg has an available update. So, assuming I can update ffmpeg, and it works with mplayer (I have to use that – if nothing else, to look at surveillance videos for our secure rooms).

    Let me try updating ffmpeg, and see.

    Ok, further looking: ffmpeg-libs is installed, and I see no updates. From rpm -qi, it says 27 Oct 2014, vendor rpm fusion.

    Which newer version? Btw, yum info says that ffmpeg is a *broadcasting solution, for encoding. Am I misunderstanding something?


  • John Hodrien wrote:
    available. Btw, I did just update flash-plugin. Does anyone know what the issue was that caused the video issues in the first release of 45, and whether those issues were resolved? Also, were they occurring in C7? Unless that’s the case, it’s not just me, but I’ve got several dozen users to update, and I
    cannot do that, if I don’t know if it will break them.


  • ffmpeg 2.6.8 from nux is known to be good. That said, latest version of firefox annoyingly disables ffmpeg support. What version of firefox are you actually running?