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My raid array won’t boot, gives a kernel panic – attempt to kill init
message and goes into endless reboots.

MB is a supermicro 2P with opteron 2376 4-core cpus, CentOS sw raid,
installed C5.3, updated as possible, currently c5.10. 5 seagate 750GB
drives as raid-10 and hot spare. we set this up about 5 years ago and
IIRC we set aside the first 10GB on drive 0 as a boot partition.

Grub runs and the system tries to boot 2.6.18-308.20.1.el5xen, sees a
dirty raid array and

md: md0: raid array is not clean – starting background reconstruction

which looks hopeful but then

md10: not enough operational mirrors for raid 10

and then the panic and reboot.

ideas? stuff to read? diagnostics?