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I’ve been trying out the Restart= option in some of my own systemd service unit files – which appears to work fine

However, I notice that this option is only used in a few OS provided service unit files – and was wondering about the wisdom of adding this capability to other daemons/services? (e.g. chronyd or ntpd, crond, rpcbind, etc, etc) – not that these daemons are likely to crash and need restarting that often …

Previously, I’ve used custom scripts to monitor the state of key daemons and restart or report their status as appropriate – but as systemd has
‘Restart’ and ‘OnFailure’ capabilities build in, these options could potentially make (my) life a bit easier …

Are there any potential pit-falls in using Restart with OS provided daemons/services?


James Pearson

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  • Although not on CentOS, I’ve been forced to use it with serial-getty@.service (even after enabling and starting it) to get the OS to display a console prompt after an OS upgrade. In this case I used Restart=on-success and RestartSec=5 (the latter an arbitrary value) because agetty exited after the first console disconnect.

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  • Matthew Miller wrote:

    OK – thanks. Glad to see that my musings agree with the guidelines :-)

    James Pearson