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Hi, Now I have a Windows 2008 Server and a tomcat 6.x on it. Our application has many many parts and it’s very big.

Actually we are not happy with tomcat performance, (We are working very hard on developing that software and improving performance) . We want to improve application performance (working on it now) and tomcat
(by tuning and we are doing now) and finally OS, for this we want to remove
(damn) windows and come back to CentOS. Is here anyone have some experience with tomcat on windows and Linux? which has better performance?

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  • It depends is the answer, and those depends are a lot more than just the OS.

    This is better suited for, if you have specific questions on CentOS or the prepackaged Tomcat on CentOS then here is the right place. I am a member on the tomcat list too.

    And please post details with your question, so the tomcat experts can help.