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What is the fastest site for downloading CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1503-01.iso ?


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  • Am 08.06.2015 um 22:04 schrieb JD:

    Choose a fast mirror server close to your location.


  • Thanx to all who replied.

    I downloaded using torrent and that was indeed fast.

    However …. after I made sure it had the correct sha256sum, and after I burned it to DVD, and and dd’d the DVD
    back to a temp file and again checked the sha256sum of the temp file, all was OK. Same sha256sum.

    So, I rebooted the machine and it booted up from the DVD. I got a message that it was not using VNC, Then after that immediately an error came out saying something about xbi…something not working. Machine did not proceed any further. I rebooted agian and agian, same error.

    The machine is a Dell Latitude E6500, Dual Core 2.8GHz,
    8GB RAM, 1TB HD.

    Any info on this?

  • This might help:


    It’s a little technical, but it does work. I have had the Brasero program do bad cd/dvd burns, that were not obvious, even after more than one attempt, and then lie to me about it.

    This does the job. It’s a hassle, but I swear by it now. And swear at Brasero.

    Or, you can just write the install inage to a usb thumb drive, and install from that. Here’s how:


    Either way,
    1) be SURE you know which drive is which throughout the process, and
    3) if you are not sure, ask before doing
    4) take your time, and don’t work tired

    Good luck.