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This morning a handful of workstations got upgraded from 6.3 to 6.4 and things seemed to be functional, until we tried to log in to one of our instrument accounts that for various reasons uses olvwm/openwin as the desktop (and no, I don’t have the option of changing that at this time). The desktop appears to load correctly, and mouse-focus and clicking appears to work, but the .openwin-menu entries no longer function other than clicking “exit” to log out of the session. I’ve tried reinstalling xview and xview-client rpms, but that doesn’t resolve it. I don’t think it’s an issue with the user account, as the underlying commands work when I su and execute them in an xterm. I was also able to reproduce the problem on three separate computers.

I don’t usually have to deal with these desktop issues so I’m hella rusty when it comes to debugging them. Does anyone have any tidbits to point me in the right direction to fix this? (Hopefully soon, since we are supposed to use this account for observations tonight)

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  • Miranda Hawarden-Ogata wrote:

    Could there be a) a permission problem; b) is selinux enabled? c) how are the home directories mounted (I assume that/s where the .openwin-menu files are).

    Observatory? Kek? Mauna Kea?


  • Keck?!? Heck no! X__X LOL! Nope, we’re right next door: IRTF.

    a) permission problem: permission on what? .openwin-menu? .openwin-menu hasn’t changed since 2008, .openwin-init since 2006… I haven’t changed anything other than do “yum upgrade” and the problem is affecting all accounts that use openwin, across every machine that got upgraded.

    b) selinux: disabled

    c) home directories are automounted via nfs, v3 I believe. And
    .openwin-menu is indeed in /home/acct/.


  • There is a newer version of xorg-x11-server with 6.4 … maybe you need to recompile your window manager with the newer devel files.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I did try downgrading xorg-x11-server (and all its little friends) to the 6.3 versions, but that did not fix the problem. I’ve also tried rebuilding the xview set from the src rpm, but I wasn’t able to get it to build in the not-too-long while that I spent on it yesterday.

    On the bright-ish side, my sup is kind of saying: we were planning to go this route eventually, maybe we just do it now. I just wish it had been on ~my~ schedule! Thankfully I don’t have ~too~ many accounts to revamp and people to educate on the ‘new’ desktops.


  • Miranda,

    Miranda Hawarden-Ogata wrote:

    This bugs me – I still think it’s a permissions or configuration issue. It almost seems as though it’s not seeing the local .openwin-menu, just some default from somewhere.


  • Hi Mark, that’s the weird thing, it IS seeing the menu file, as in when you right-click you do get the appropriate menu for the account you’re logged into, but you can’t execute any of the commands. I’d think that if it weren’t seeing the local .openwin-menu file, then it wouldn’t give you the custom menu but a generic one as you suggested. The startup xterms that some accounts are configured for, launched by the
    .openwin-init file, are also not showing up. It’s like the process that runs those guys no longer has the power to exec commands (or something along those lines), but I’m not sure how to investigate that.

    So yeah, it does bug me as well, but this morning I got asked what I’d tried, what the next options I was planning to try were, and then told to stop wasting any more time on it and just move the accounts over. I
    have a test system in my office that I can use to play with small trials, but I won’t have the time to trial big things (like rebuilding xview). So unless we can think of some other small things to try, I’m just going to have to leave it be.