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Hi all,

I have a server running 7.3 using the zfs-kmod packages from zfsonlinux.org. For the update to 7.4, I followed https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki/RHEL-&-CentOS: removal of all zfs – and related packages and installation of the zfs-release.7.4.noarch.rpm Afterwards, yum will find almost all packages from that repository – except for the zfs-0.7.1-1.el7_4.x86_64.rpm itself (“ZFS command line utilities”). However, the package is there, I can get it via wget!
Of course I tried cleaning yum + caches, not removing the zfs packages, removing them before reboot, removing them after booting into 3.10.0-693 –
all of which makes no difference.

On a fresh installation (aka starting with 7.4), this problem does not occur.

Regardless of any ZFS specifics, what could cause yum to exclude one single package file from an otherwise perfectly accessible repo?

Cheers, Thomas

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  • The only way would be bad metadata at the site, an exclude in either
    /etc/yum.conf or the applicable repo file, or something like an obsolete in an installed or repo package that causes that package to be filtered out.

    You can use yum install ./ to try to install a local rpm and see what it tells you.