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Will these work under CentOS 6.x? Can I just boot my home system with a CentOS 6.x live CD to test?

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  • I’ve used a variety of no-name cards with the NEC (now Renesas)
    uPD72020x series host adapter chips, and they’ve all worked fine.

    I’d steer clear of the “no additional power connection needed” cards;
    in my experience they can’t supply the maximum power the ports may require (5V@900mA per port, i.e., 4.5W per port, 18W total for a four-port card). Proper USB 3.0 cards have a disk drive power connector for the power required. In principle it’s possible for a PCIe USB host adapter to have a switching regulator to provide sufficient USB power from the +12V supply rail, but, I have yet to see one that does.

  • Above usb 3.0 card is based on NEC d720201 701 chip. I used this card in my home PC Win7 64 bit. Had to run install disk but it works fine. I then tried it on a server at work running latest CentOS 6 64 bit. After reboot I plugged a usb drive into it. Did a “ls -la /dev/s*”
    and it did not show up. Plugged usb drive into old usb 2.0 port and it did show up. Assumed drivers were not in CentOS 6 kernel for it.

    I then tried a CentOS 6 live DVD on my home PC. When I plugged a usb drive into the usb 3.0 port it shows up. So apparently the drivers are there for it. Will it show somewhere else besides “ls -la