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I recently had a failing disk replaced in my colo server. The server is running CentOS 7.3.

After the replacement, I was following these instructions to rebuild the RAID array that the disk was part of.


Everything went fine until I reached the final section (“Grub Setup”). This section talks about running a command line program called “grub”
to change the Grub configuration. And that program doesn’t seem to be installed on this server.

I admit that my knowledge of Grub is somewhat lacking. I know that CentOS 7 uses Grub2 rather than the original Grub, but I don’t know what replaced the “grub” command (or perhaps nothing replaced it and I
just need to install a missing RPM).

Any advice would be gratefully received.



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  • grub2 install /dev/sda grub2 install /dev/sdb

    should do it, assuming the two actual physical disks are seen as
    /dev/sda and /dev/sdb

  • Thanks. That’s what my independent research was showing me too.

    I assume it’s already installed to /dev/sda (as it was sdb which was recently replaced and the system is rebooting quite happily). Is there a command that shows which disks already have Grub2 installed?