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Hi, What happened to dag.wieers? There is an update for clamav but the rpm is still not distibuted after 4 weeks or more. :-)
What’s wrong there?


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  • I asked about clamav on the repoforge list, and apparently there are some longstanding on-going issues with rpmforge, not sure exactly what and that apparently for quite some time some people have been attempting to resolve them.

    Due to the length of time that these problems have existed there’s also a fair amount of skepticism that the issues will be resolved.

    There are several suggestions on how to resolve the clamav issue, one of them was to use the version from epel which is what I opted to do.
    Depending on your point of view I found it to be a relatively easy switch, just had to deal with a few ownership issues.

    All in all it’s a shame that there are issues as I’ve used rpmforge for years and have been pleased with the repo.


  • I very much liked the rpmforge repo for many years. However, clamav was one that I wasn’t so happy with from them. It seems the username would switch back and forth from clam to clamav to clam to clamav and I would have a non-working version which I didn’t always know about. (log file wrong user permission problems)

    I switched the clamav install to epel and have had flawless success with their packaging. It’s easy to do excludes for various repos so that you don’t get conflicting installations.

    Rpmforge and Daz have done great work and I’m not meaning for this to sound negative. It was just this one package. Maybe it was two packagers switching the username depending on who did the update? I don’t know.

    John Hinton

  • Ditto here, and for the same reasons.

    This was our experience as well; changing userids between clam and clamav between updates caused us a lot of avoidable headaches. We switched to epel for clamav because of that one issue. Otherwise we have been very pleased with rpmforge. It will prove a great loss if there is a serious possibility that this resource might fade away.

  • Fading away is a distinct possibility. David Hrbac, who is trying to maintain rpmforge had this to say on that subject.

    “And of course, there’s still a question about the Repoforge. Do we really want it? Isn’t a time for Epel to replace Repoforge? I still want to keep Repoforge alive bud have no replies from Dag.”