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Under “CentOS-Fasttrack”, the links to the Readme and CentOS6 repo are broken (again, if the list archives are anything to go by …).

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  • I do now believe that CentOS-fasttrack.repo is part of CentOS-release and disabled by default .. at least it is for CentOS-7 now.

    Let me check CentOS-5 and CentOS-6

    in CentOS-6:

    also it is in CentOS-5.

    I will change the instructions on the wiki to say to edit the files that are included in the CentOS-release rpm.

  • Thanks, Johnny.

    That’s not really my problem. My problem is that I now need to track an additional channel for updates, with associated local mirror and scripting. I was only vaguely aware of it until I was looking for an update I know I
    saw in the announce digest and it wasn’t in updates.