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Hello to all,

I’m currently studying (and collecting notes here for RHCSA. My plan is to RHCSA
-> RHCE and then RHCSS.

What I want to ask you is:

– What do you think about it?
– Did you find it useful?
– Do you have any advices?

Best regards, Fabrizio

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” (A. Einstein)

“La mente intuitiva è un dono sacro e la mente razionale è un fedele servo. Noi abbiamo creato una società che onora il servo e ha dimenticato il dono.” (A. Einstein)

Fabrizio Di Carlo

9 thoughts on - Your Opinion About RHCSA Certification

  • I too am studying for the RHCSA…..and while it IS tough (SO different from when I had to study for Windows 2000 Server Administration certs!)
    I wonder if the fact that Red Hat is about to release version 7 if the
    6.x exams are still going to be valid?…and if so..for how much longer?

    EGO II

  • Jangs book is really thorough, but if you ask me, it’s too big. I studied for approx. 5 weekends and never made it half way through the book, due to it being so long and covering way to much. Eg. it covers sendmail and postfix setup, while postfix is the default. Red Hat’s course only covers postfix. I took the RH300 rapid course, where there is 4 days classroom training and
    1 day exam with both RHCSA and RHCE. I took the course with out ever setting up an email server or ftp server before, so it is possible to get through it without knowning everything. I
    actually learned a few things on the RHCSA I could use an hour later in the RHCE exam :)

    I scored 300 on RHCSA and 260 on RHCE.

  • I assume those are “passing grades” for those exams? I wonder if they’re
    “summed” together for a total overall score? And I don’t think I could handle BOTH the RHCSA and the RHCE in ONE DAY!?….I would need time for my hands to stop shaking and my pulse rate to return to something normal from taking the first one!….(always nervous during exams…ever since H.S.!)

    EGO II

  • They are two seperate exams, no summing of grades.

    You can fail the RHCSA and pass the RHCE, but the RHCE is not valid before after passing the RHCSA.

    Maximum points is 300, 210 is the passing mark.

    My heart was beating and I was a bit stressed when the RHCSA exam started, but there is more time do things on the RHCSA than the RHCE.

    When the RHCE exam started I was more calm, it just felt like more of the same, a warm start. I think I would have done worse on the RHCE exam if I
    had not just done the RHCSA.

    The RH300 is an expensive course, but my company paid, I only could get one week off for a course, so thought that I might as well try to get them both, two for almost the price of one.



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