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hi all,

i’m trying to understand an issue i’m having with a yum repo (it’s a mirror of the c74 repo).

there’s an rpm in the repo (ibutils-libs in this case); but the client using this repo says it cannot find this rpm (i did yum info ibutils-libs –disablerepo=* –enablerepo

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  • hi johnny,

    how embarassing. there was indeed an exclude on ibutils-libs. (this must be some leftover from using mlnx ofed. we are switching from c73+mlnx ofed 3.4 to c74 stock ib (there’s no mlnxofed3.4 for c74, and our old testbed has connectx2, so we can’t use mlnxofed 4.1) )

    never start debugging things on a friday evening i guess ;)

    thanks and sorry for the noise.


  • hi all,

    in case someone else runs into it, it is the opfed-scripts rpm that has a postinstall and postuninstall script that changes the yum.conf (bad, mellanox, bad)

    for a pure/regular uninstall it works fine, but to swap ibutils from mlnxofed to ib stack from os, yum obviously doesn’t know that the exclude will be removed.

    i’ve seen worse in vendor-provided rpms, but i guess it caught me offguard ;)