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When I start yumex as user it displays but stops with an error message that the backend is not running.

However “yumex –root” starts and runs normally.

It is CentOS 6.5 64 bit and using XFCE running in virtualbox if that matters.

Any suggestion as to what I am missing?


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  • is there a service associated with yumex?

    chkconfig –list |grep -i yum

    will list any such. if there is one, then…

    chkconfig yumex on
    service yumex start

    (replace yumex with the service name)

    (note the above is purely conjecture, I’ve never used yumex, I just use yum…)

  • When Yumex is started from GNOME, it asks for Authentication to start. If Xfce is unable to provide that Auth prompt Yumex may fail (I am guessing).

    I do not see any actual service, so I am guessing backend is that Auth stuff.

  • Yes, I think you are right. I don’t really need yumex, it’s just convenient to have when first setting up when starting from a minimal system. I can get the yum information elsewhere without yumex running in the system I was working on.

    Let’s drop it there.

    Thank you,


  • You can disprove that by booting to GNOME…
    (logoff, then after selecting your username at the logon screen, change the Sessions picklist that appears on the task bar to GNOME instead of xfce, then enter your password and logon again… it remembers the last selection on successive logins, so just switch it back to xfce prior to the next logon)
    and trying to start yumex from that desktop.

    I’ll wager you will see the same error in GNOME.

    It sounds like somehow the yum backend isn’t starting in time for yumex to detect it and give you the root password prompt, but it’s not giving you enough info to fully debug the problem.